Launching an app? You need the best email marketing

January 25, 2017

In this competitive business world email marketing has become the most effective way to hold a better position in the market for a company where size of the business does not matter.

There are several ways to promote your business but email marketing is probably the best among all. With the help of email marketing you can achieve a better position in the market and make a close relationship with your loyal clients. Moreover it is the cost effective solution which allows your business to grow. Now the question is to handle a large number of emails.

Keeping this in mind, software engineers and internet marketing gurus have created several types of email marketing software which make the entire process easier. There is a long list of email marketing software for every size of business (1). Finding the best one for your business is not so easy especially when there are hundreds to choose from.

There are few key things which you should consider prior to choose the software for your business and they are as follows:

What to look for before choosing email marketing software?

When you are going to choose email marketing to promote your business then you will need suitable email marketing software which will make your business more powerful. So choose the software for your valuable business wisely (2) and consider the following things:

  • Know your need: Homework is always beneficial before going to buy anything from the market and when it is about email marketing software for your business then importance increases up to high extent. First of all know the purpose of this software in your business well. There are various type of email marketing such as newsletter, invitation email, lead-nurturing email, promotional campaign, catalogue emails, survey email and transactional email. You can use one of the above mentioned email marketing. Then choose the software according to your need and check whether the software can meet all of your need or not.
  • Business size: Engineers have made email marketing software for large business and small business both. Features of the software for large and small business are different from each other. So it is very important to know about your business size prior to choose the software. So, choose the email marketing software according to your business size
  • Features: Check all the features of the selected software so that it can fulfil you’re your need or not
  • Price: Check the price and manufacturer of the software whether they are reliable or not. Do not forget to check the deliverability rates.
  • Ease of use: Choose the software always which is use friendly. Besides this check also whether the software has mobile access or not

Apart from the above mentioned points choose the ideal software for your business on the basis of analytics, tools, management of tools, customer help desk, social media integration, and software integration. By following all of these points you will definitely find out the best email marketing software for your business.

Pro Tip: Make sure your hosting is up to speed. Here’s a list of the top rated hosting companies on the market.

To make it easier here few well known email marketing software are given below. Let’s have a look:

Active Campaign: It is one of the most popular email marketing software in the market which is ideal for daily use. Best part of this software is it is very easy to use and very powerful. Its unique features make it famous to all. It contains its own CRM system, sales automation and marketing automation. It also offers email marketing service where you can get drag to drop facility, image hosting and template at free of cost. To be more precisely it is all-rounder software which can handle email marketing of any small and large business marketing. There are so many benefits of using it and they are as follows:


  • Own CRM system
  • It can create marketing automation sequence easily
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support

Apart from having so many benefits some disadvantages also there and they are as follows:


  • Email campaign and newsletter service of active campaign is not standard
  • Drag and drop service is difficult to use
  • CRM of this software is not ideal for large companies
  • A/B testing is not so good compared to other email marketing software

It can be concluded that active campaign is ideal for small business but not suitable for large uses

Get Response: This is most powerful email marketing software in this market. All the awesome features have made it different from others. There are so many benefits of using it and they are as follows:


  • It is user-friendly
  • You can get it for an affordable price
  • 500+ well designed templates are provided with this software
  • This is ideal for beginner
  • Customer service is undoubtedly very good
  • A/B testing is standard
  • Their API is also very good
  • It contains auto-responder and nice automation tool


  • Form of builder is not so good
  • Few features are difficult to find
  • Automation rules are limited

Mail chimp: This software has been specially designed for the use of news-letter and auto responder (3). It is famous of its beautifully designed user interface, ease of use and powerful functionality. There are so many benefits of using this software and they are as follows:


  • It is the easiest email marketing software
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Creating exporting and importing list is very easy
  • You can open your account at free of cost
  • You can pay in two ways such as instant payment and monthly subscription
  • It includes variety of integrations


  • Having free account there is a limit of sending email
  • Main disadvantage of mail chimp is homogenisation of templates
  • Lastly it is bit expensive so everyone cannot afford this.

ConvertKit: This email marketing software has been designed especially for the bloggers. Bloggers may find easy to use it by using its unique tools.


  • Well designed
  • Easy to use
  • Variety of integration are available

Cons: It is bit expensive. Except high price it has no other issue

Admail: This software has been designed for the email marketing campaign. It includes 300+ beautifully designed business templates. You can connect with social media and email marketing together with the help of this software. It provides also variety contact management tools it is not so expensive one.


Apart from above-mentioned software there are so many other email marketing software available in the market. You can definitely go with any one from the above-mentioned software.

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